If you are one of the growing number of consumers, design professionals and builders seeking ways to incorporate "green" products into your home and projects, you will find Teragren an experienced partner and valuable resource.

From the moment our company was founded in 1994 (under the name of "TimberGrass"), we have been committed to developing and manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that:

  • Reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources
  • Rely on renewable-resource materials
  • Adhere to stringent, environmentally sensitive specifications
  • Promote green building
  • Help neutralize our company's environmental footprint

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BR-111 is firmly committed to preserving rain forest in Brazil and renewing its natural resources. Strictly monitored by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources (IBAMA), BR-111 promotes sustainable forest practices, securing timber that is selectively harvested and inspected under government guidelines. Coupled with a stringent policy of reforestation, rational harvesting from sustainable forests assures the health and continuity of this most valuable resource.

BR-111 manufacturers hardwood flooring only from timber that is selectively harvested under the principles of sustainable forest management. Each tree is assessed for age and condition. Older trees, often susceptible to disease, are removed first, assuring that valuable resources are not left to waste away on the forest floor. After timber is harvested, multiple trees are replanted fostering sustainable forest practices and completing the reforestation process.

In the final analysis, the process of selective timber harvesting produces the highest quality lumber, allowing immature trees in the upper-story to benefit from increased sunlight and water. And because of the tropical climate, reforestation in Brazil’s rain forest occurs substantially faster than in temperate climates of North America.


Luminette Privacy Sheers

As a window covering, Luminette Privacy Sheers can be used to optimize your indoor living environment and reduce your energy consumption. While providing outstanding UV protection, Luminette sheers filter and diffuse harsh direct sunlight and project even, natural daylight deep into the room. This minimizes the need for conventional lighting while moderating indoor temperatures. In addition, Luminette face fabric and vanes provide added R-value to your window and help absorb unwanted sound from both outside and inside the room. Visit our store or call us for more info.


Duette honeycomb Shades

Duette honeycomb shades is the brand that originated the category and still remains the leader today. With an extensive array of colors, fabrics, opacities, proprietary lifting systems and exclusive pleat sizes, it’s easy to find a Duette shade to fit any decorating style. Duette is the perfect solution for light control, privacy and energy efficiency. Visit our store or call us for more info about this product.



The Best Kept Secret.

Each product line is available in a variety of stunning exotic species designed to complement your interior decor and budget, while providing a unique combination of natural beauty, superior durability, and flexible design options.

Pre-finished solid or engineered, BR-111 offers you the ultimate in design possibilities. Choose from a wide variety of wood species, natural colors, and grain colors. The choice is yours. BR-111 has the right exotic hardwood flooring solutions for your home, installation project, or interior design applications.




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